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Welcome to LinasFlavours.com, the aromatic and flavourful world of Indian cuisine. Our free Indian vegetarian recipes will help you to cook step by step healthy, delicious, rich-flavoured dishes like variety of North Indian Recipes, Punjabi Recipes, South Indian Recipes, Gujarati Recipes, Bengali Recipes, Rajasthani Recipes, Thai Recipes, Indo Chinese Recipes, and Kerala Recipes. Our recipe videos include Vegetarian Indian Recipes, Vegan Recipes, and Healthy Indian Recipes as well as kids lovable recipes.

About me :

I am Lina Badrakia from Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA - a Child Nutritionist and a culinary expert. I have taken a course in Early Childhood Care and Education and had been a Preprimary Teachers’ Trainer. I have dealt with kids of 3 ½ to 6 years old for 19 years and now working as a Web Page Coordinator and Cooking Teacher.

Cooking being my passion and forte, I like to experiment with vegetarian dishes, and weave magic in my recipes to create a healthy twist and share easy to cook recipes for all to love where learning is pure fun.

I am passionate about healthy vegetarian cooking and created this website to share my innovative and mouth watering recipes to reach out to all creative food lovers.

My mantra is “There is a dormant chef in each one of us” and I hold cooking workshops following my flavourful healthy recipes, training young and old chefs alike. You can also find me on google+ community – Lina’s Little Chef.

I have shared my love for cooking by demonstrating healthy recipes on regional Gujarati TV channel plus social network which makes it easily accessible for one and all. 

I have been Indian Chef Ambassador since a year for a start-up company in Silicon Valley, California that is working towards creating a healthy and delicious future for families all around the world. Chef Koochooloo incorporates math, science, and social responsibility into healthy international recipes to guide parents and children on an exciting cooking adventure.

I have contributed some of my delicious recipes
so kids all over the world can get the awareness of wonderful Indian delicacies and culture. 

Chef Koochooloo is now available as an app!

Follow this link to download the app for free on your iPad:https://appsto.re/us/aQkz8.i or simply look for Chef Koochooloo in your app gallery. 

At LinasFlavours .com you will find recipes like rotis, chapatis, parathas, vegetables, subjis, rice plates, dals, snacks, kids, mithai, sweets, desserts, quick recipes, fast food, low-fat recipes, salads, raitas, juices, chutneys, soups, bread, cheese, quick food, italian dishes, mexican recipes, bhartiya recipes, traditional recipes, you will love food of India.

For any queries contact me at lina.badrakia@linasflavours.com