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Diwali Special

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Diwali is a festival of fun and frolic, crackers and lights, family and friends. But the fun is incomplete without the delicacies around us. The day is not over without snacks, refreshments and loads and loads of sweets. Let us enjoy this diwali with some of these delicacies to relish and make our diwali more tasteful.

 Mathri (Vrat/Fasting Item) 

Radish Yellow Gram Fritters 
Litchi Lava
            Litchi Lava

Dal Wada (Bengal Gram fritters)(Bengal Gram Fritters) 
Rose Puri
Cheesy Rolls with Dates Spicy Dip
 Chocolate Jal Jeera Cooler
Ragi Dates Muffins 
Bread Wada 

Beetroot Mocktail
Frittata (Eggless) 
 Nachos with Cheese dip

Mexican Vegetarian Quesadillas
Orange Juice with Pomegranate cubes

 Shahi Tukda Ragi Canapes Carrot Tapkir Halwa 
Mexican Chaat
Vegetable Cupcakes
 Vermicelli Coconut Burfi

Schezwan Crisps
 Grapes Fantasy

 Dal Wada (Bengal Gram fritters) 
Aloo Chana Chaat (Potato Chickpeas Chaat)

    Khajur Peanut Rolls