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Kitchen Tips

Here are some kitchen tips which can help you to make your cooking enjoyable and also store/preserve the kitchen items/food easily. Wisely using spices can improve health and used as a medicine too.
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Kitchen Tips

1.       Keeping dry red chillies in rice helps it to prevent from spoiling.

2.       To keep the greens (vegetables like spinach, fenugreek) fresh, cut the ends and wrap it in the newspaper. It will remain fresh for 4-5 days.

3.       To peel the skin of garlic fast, put it on the chopping board and press it with a flat side of the knife, it will come out easily. OR you can put it in the water for 5-10 minutes and then peel it.

4.       To peel the skin of onion fast, cut the onion into half without peeling the skin, then peel the skin.

5.       If the lemons have become slightly dried, put it in the water for about 10 minutes and then rub it with your palm. It will become soft and you can have more lemon juice.

6.       Either you can have separate chopping boards - one for onion, garlic and other for vegetables and other things to be free from their odour. OR you can cut other things before cutting onion-garlic if you are not using it for the same recipe.

7.       To prevent food from over-cooking, switch off the gas before few seconds, till it is done thoroughly. Close the lid and let it set and cooked within the temperature, because cooking is still going on even after you switch off the gas stove.

8.       To cool down the pressure cooker immediately if you are in a hurry, put some cold water on the bottom part of the pressure cooker. You can even put it under the running water from the tap - slightly tilt the pressure cooker and put the bottom part under the tap.

9.       If you feel the vegetable or lentils are tasting OK, you can try adding some salt and lemon to make it more tasty. But always check it about salt, otherwise it will become salty.

10.   Adding a spoonful of olive oil helps salads from becoming too dry.

11.   Use small onions/shallot for cooking, while use big ones of soups.

12.   If your food has become salty, peel the potato and put it in the vegetable, it will absorb extra salt.

13.   Boiling the milk for 3 times in a day prevents it from spoiling if your refrigerator is not working.

14.   If you want the ice quickly- especially when you have party, boil and cool the water and then put it in the ice-tray. It will freeze faster.

15.   For storage of empty plastic containers, add some salt in each one of them.

16.   If your food is burnt or coated at the bottom, immediately change the cooking vessel, add lemon and sugar and taste it and add as per the need.

17.   If two glasses are stuck together, put an ice-cube in the upper glass and deep the lower glass in warm water. It will help to separate two glasses immediately.

18.   To make rice more whiter, add few drops of lemon juice while boiling.

19.   Put some rice in salt shaker to prevent it from clogging up.

20.   Aloevera gel helps to heal your burns or cuts.