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Indian Bread-Rotis....

Indian bread  (roti) is like tortillas. But, Indian Bread/Roti is generally made from wheat flour. It is also known as roti, chappati, parathas, theplas, puris etc. There are lots of variations in recipes by adding different ingredients and oils to make it tastier. Selection of rotis depends with reference to vegetables and dips. Normally, Indian Roti is preferred in meal. Traditional flat Indian bread/roti is normally cooked on a griddle, tava or tandoor depends upon type of recipe and ingredients. Here are some recipes of various Indian breads/rotis.

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Cheese Sesame Paratha

Cornmeal Paratha

(Lachha Paratha)

(Aloo Paratha)
Palak Paratha (Spinach Indian flat bread)
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